Piece by piece…..

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Crochet is a very time-consuming medium, so it was vital that I was able to add little by little to the staircase, rather than a vast amount crammed in to a small amount of installation time. A big challenge of working outside is being able to work around weather conditions. In the images shown above, some days over the installation period of Degree show were extremely hot. Temperatures got as high as 26c which was very testing as I was working direct sunlight. Pete, a technician from woodwork saw me working on my piece in the sun and made me a DIY parasol consisting of an umbrella cable tied to a long piece of wood to protect me from the sun! It was so considerate of him and saved me in the heat a lot. I’d been speaking to Pete previously about my piece, and getting advice from him as I plan to create a garden on the ground and bed some flowers to create a walkthrough experience.


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