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I was lucky enough to visit Paris for one evening, to visit the art galleries and experience the Parisian culture that I never had before. I visited the Musée d’Orsay and Centre Pompidou. It was really interesting to visit the art galleries in Paris as I had never been to either of these galleries, or Paris, ever before. I went with my friends from Wimbledon College of Art so it was really interesting to experience this with fellow young artists. I found a lot of inspiring artworks, particularly at the Centre Pompidou, looking in to femininity and the role of women within society. Niki de Saint Phalle’s piece of the doll’s dress was my favourite piece of artwork I saw in Paris. The materials she used I found most interesting, having experimented with sculpture a lot during my second year. It was also intriguing to see a feminist piece from 1963 in exhibition for two reasons; to compare the context of then to now, and most feminist artworks I see in exhibition today are very modern, 21st century artists.


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