My Purpose

I have titled my Degree show piece ‘Safe Place’. It is inspired by so many influences including artists, movements and personal experiences. My aim was to create an environment where no matter who walk in to in, felt immediately comforted and safe. The reason for this was inspired by my best friend who is like a sister to me. We met when we were 2 years old and have been best friends ever since. At the beginning of the academic year she was made homeless whilst a couple months pregnant, so had to take refuge at a women’s shelter. The domestic difficulties she experienced and that I helped her through encouraged me to create a space where everybody is equal, respected and comfortable.

I began to brainstorm what I found safe and comforting. With the initial intention to yarn-bomb or crochet for my piece, I immediately knew this would come in place with crochet being the most comforting thing I do. The process of crochet is very therapeutic as well as the comfort you feel surrounded by it. I’ve always been surrounded by textiles such as knitting, crochet and embroidery growing up from when I was very young, which is why I may find it such a huge comfort in my life.

The next thing I felt relaxed and comforted by was the beautiful outdoors; the sight of flowers in bloom and a great breath of fresh air. Despite what may seem like a contradiction I want to play with this. Traditional women’s craft which is typically a hidden hobby in the domestic sphere, was to be brought to the great outdoors amongst a garden where you can breathe and instantly feel relaxed.

Having researched in to Craftivism throughout my second and third year of university, I felt that this was an opportunity to protest domestic violence and create awareness of the services and support available to anyone in these situations.

People may not realise how much you don’t appreciate services such as women refuges or charities until you or a loved one is in need for the use of one. After the trauma and difficulties my best friend went through, I want to ensure that I can continue to support these services for men and women in unsafe domestic situations, through art, donations and awareness.

Post-Degree Show I wish to keep my granny squares and attach them together to create blankets for the homeless people on the streets of London. I hope to continue to raise awareness of domestic abuse for both men and women and the importance of the wonderful services provided for people in need.


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