Jess de Wahls

Jess de Wahls is a textile artist who creates embroideries and retex sculptures. I first discovered her during her ongoing project of ‘Big Swinging Ovaries’ on Instagram, where she embroiders patches of ovaries with middle fingers or merged with other imagery. She has also embroidered patches with women posed with their arm in a position showing their bicep, representing how strong and empowering they really are.

I admire her embroideries because I have never seen such detailed embroidery like hers before. Her pieces genuinely look like paintings as she pays attention to tiny details such as shading. I also really enjoy looking at her retex sculptures, as the technique and skill behind them seek to fascinate me. Retex and soft sculptures is something I took in to consideration for my Degree show however I felt that I would like more experience with embroidery before attempting this.

The context of her work focuses on intersectional Feminism, as she creates portraits of people from all over the world of all genders. Social media, Instagram in particular, has a huge online presence of textile artists who all explore social unjust and intersectional Feminism.

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