Interim Show

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My interim show piece was inspired by the oppression of women in society, judged on how they dress and how this is perceived. I decided to make a skirt, in 4 stages of 4 materials; latex, casual denim, business wear-like material and chains. I chose these materials due to their associations. Latex is considered a ‘daring’ material for women to wear and is perceived in a much more sexual way than denim. Each sections of the skirt represent lengths and what is apparently considered ‘slutty’ and ‘prudish’.

On top of this, I crocheted over the face, shoulders and upper body of the mannequin. I wanted to represent how trapped women may feel, due to being judged and looked at no matter what they choose to wear. It appears there’s no ‘winning’ in this on-going battle of  acceptable lengths of skirts or V-necks.

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This piece was a huge challenge for me, as I also experimented with embroidery, something which I have never used within my practice – only ever as a hobby. However, this piece I enjoyed making so much. I felt challenged and that I was pushing myself to experiment with something new, and was really pleased with the outcome.

I had a few struggles with this piece, like any other. The crocheted top was made around the mannequin, so was size and shape specific to her body. Whilst doing this, the mannequin’s head fell off and stretched the crochet, it almost seemed impossible to get her head back on without cutting my stitches. My housemate and peer from PTBM, Adam, managed to help me fix this by using a glue gun to ensure her head was secure and would not fall off again. It was really helpful to have another person to talk to, trying to figure out what is the best way to fix the problem.

My piece was on show in 26 Paces, which I feel was a perfect space for my mannequin to stand and pose. The white walls complimented the bright and vibrant colours of the crochet and embroidery which really made it stand out.

Overall, I was really pleased with the outcome of the Interim show and felt confident about ideas for Degree show as well and research and artist references.


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