Hanecdote – Hannah Hill

Hanecdote is a young embroidery artist who I discovered through Instagram. Her work explores Feminism, body positivity and the London grime scene. I admire her free hand embroidery as I respect the difficulty of the technique and the level of skill she obtains. Hannah is a really influential online presence in regards to the context of her artwork and Instagram posts, her artwork has even been used by the UAL student’s union and grime artist Nadia Rose. I was so intrigued by Hannah’s work and context that I interviewed her for my MCP.

What do you think of embroidery as a medium within a Fine Art practice?

I think embroidery is such a versatile medium, which can be used seamlessly with other mediums in endless ways. Embroidery and other textiles techniques have been used by feminist artists who want to reclaim space in the art world with mediums which don’t have such historical connections with men. 

With the ongoing development of technology, why do you think artists of our generation have decided to revert back to forms of needlework as a medium?

I think its nice to take a step back from technology and to immerse yourself in an activity which takes skill or time and concentration. I find it relaxing to focus on the process of hand making something, its so rewarding. I love technology, Im obsessed with instagram, so I actually like the contrast of a traditional medium such as stitching and then sharing on social media.

Do you think social media has impacted how women see themselves?

Social media has definitely impacted how I see myself and other women. Online I follow babes of all colours, shapes, sizes and abilities, who are beautiful inside and out and share ways of learning to love yourself. 

What does body positivity mean to you?

Body positivity means being kinder to yourself and being kinder to others. Trying to unlearn toxic thought processes about body image and beauty standards and going by what you are most comfortable with yourself. Not judging anyone else choices about their bodies. It feels like constant work but i has to be worth it in the end.

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