Garden & Further Development

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I found out through peers on my course that Gema also planned on using compost in her Degree show piece. With the convenience of having a car at the time, I offered to drive both Gema and I to the garden centre to get the compost and bring it straight to uni. I also bought some bark chip, to create a definitive path through the space with compost either side to bed colourful flowers in bloom. Laying down the compost and bark chip, I decided the best option was to lay tarpaulin on the ground, with the compost and bark chip on top, for an easier de-installation process and to ensure the compost could be re-used by Pete if he so wishes.

My first year helper, Michelle, helped me with this process of laying it all down and spreading it out. After getting half way, it was quite clear we were in need of a lot more compost and bark chip to fill the space sufficiently. So as we were unsure when Michelle would be able to help me next, we decided to head straight back to the garden centre and finish the garden today – which we did! Michelle was a fantastic help for this process, on a boiling hot day and a fair bit of heavy lifting, I’m sure I would have struggled to cope on my own.


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