I was lucky enough to visit Copenhagen in March where I went to the Copenhagen Contemporary. There were two pieces which stood out the most to me;

Pierre Huyghe – Untitled (Human Mask)

Huyghe’s film was based on an isolated monkey wearing a human mask. The monkey was immersed in an empty environment, discovering found objects within its location. Even if I wanted to, I could not take my focus away from this film. The placement of the mask on the monkey made it very surreal and almost like an illusion. At first, it was difficult to tell whether this was human or not. Your brain knows it isn’t human-like body language but the characteristics deceive that knowledge. The dress and long hair truly make it look like a little girl stranded on her own. I really enjoyed watching this film as it really opened my mind to the playfulness that can go in to a piece.

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Yoko Ono -Wish Tree Garden

Yoko Ono’s ‘Wish Tree’ has been an ongoing artwork since 1996, with multiple trees all over the world in different locations, the tree is altered to the specific climate of that place. The viewer is given the option to write a wish on a white tag, to then tie to the tree. There is something very peaceful alongside a community feel with this installation. It isn’t digging for an opinion of the artwork itself, but asking you to participate in an ongoing project. The idea of writing a wish also seems quite personal, as her end goal of the collection of these wishes are. All the tags will be collected to create an installation in Iceland dedicated to her late husband John Lennon titled ‘Imagine Peace Tower’.

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