Collaboration with my mother and progress

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My mum has always been a huge inspiration to me. Always encouraging my creative side as a child and young adult, we used to cross stitch together on holiday and always enjoy creating together. She taught me how to crochet during my first year of university, so was excited to hear about my degree show project. She crocheted granny squares in her spare time around work and other commitments to send to me in the post for my piece. My mum came in to assist with the installation of my work for 2 days, Saturday 3rd June and Monday 5th June. Having her there was a huge help as we worked as a team – one person to attach the panels to the staircase and the other to attach the squares together in preparation for this.

Collaborating with my mum was particularly important to this project as it was difficult to have technical conversations with people at university about the installation of the work or to fix any hiccups along the way due to the medium I chose. This is something I had to remain patient with and accept as the medium was a choice of mine and I had to be aware of technical difficulties when I undertook this challenge.


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