Artist Statement

My work over the past year has been focusing on textile installations mostly made through the process of crochet. I am interested in the perception of men and women in society today, how this impacts them and how to create an awareness of this. I use bright colours and soft textures to implicate a safe feeling within my work, with an aim to endorse comfort and relaxation. Influenced by fibre artists all over the world, I use crochet as my platform to promote peace, equality and amenity.

After personal experience of a loved one, my Degree show piece titled ‘Safe Place’ is a yarn-bomb installation with a path and garden. It is a display of what I consider my comforts and made to make you feel comfortable and safe. It is full of vibrant colours from both the wool and flowers, and is set outdoors in the fresh air. I made this piece to be a sensual experiences as you walk through, you are able to smell, hear, see and touch different things, and each visit can alternate along with the weather of the outdoors. Safe Place has taken place over the past 3 months, as each tiny square of crochet has been put together to form a taught coverage.

Safe Place is a space for you to be in touch with your inner self and find peace and calmness amongst day-to-day life.


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