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Olek is a Polish artist based in New York City, who specialises in the phenomenon ‘yarn-bombing’. She crochets her work specific to size and shape of objects, and coats them in yarn and wool. I have never seen yarn-bombing to this scale before discovering Olek. Her patterns and choice of colours are vibrant and inviting, I admire her work the more I look at it. After only crocheting for 2 years, I absorb inspiration from Olek and her work purely by being fascinated that this is even possible to create by hand, with so much attention to detail in both patterns and shape/size to fit specific objects. Behind her yarn-bombing, stands political messages and crochet is her form of communication. On her website, she writes about her piece ‘Our Pink House’:

“We live in challenging times, a changing world filled with conflict, wars and natural disasters. But I like to think that it’s also a world filled with love.

Our pink house is about the journey, not just about the artwork itself. It’s about us coming together as a community. It’s about helping each other. In the small Swedish community of Avesta we proved that we are stronger together, that we can make anything happen together. People from all walks of life came together to make this project possible. Someone donated the house, another one fixed the electricity and Red Heart Yarns donated the materials. And of course, most importantly, many women joined us in the effort to make my dream a reality.”



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