Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo and her practice has been a huge inspiration for me in this past academic year. I’ve become very interested in how influential she was as a woman questioning gender roles in society as well as her artwork. She did this by posing in a suit for a family portrait and openly being romantically interested in both men and women. Her paintings show intense detail of the pain and suffering throughout her life which I feel really invites the viewer to a closer look in to her personal struggles which she shares so openly within her artwork. Her self-portraits in particular, symbolise her face and body in surreal situations – such as ‘The Wounded Deer’ – which come across as almost dream-like. By looking and gathering inspiration from Kahlo’s work, I feel that I am able to personalise my practice by really thinking about what it is I wish to communicate to the viewer and how I can achieve this.

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