Françoise Grossen – ‘Contact’ 1971

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Grossen’s fibre sculpture titled ‘Contact’ was installed in public space on Staple Street, New York City, suspended between apartments. The repetitive shapes of the sculpture are received as figurative, as they almost appear as a line of people stood in the middle of the street as a barrier. I feel that this could be considered an early piece of ‘gentle protest’ or what we now know as Craftivism. The figurative shape of the sculptures suggest a sense of unity and protest, and each shape is joined to the next in a similar position to where human arms and hands would be. This piece can certainly be considered as influential to public art and ‘gentle protest’ as textile art was continually dismissed by galleries and the western art sphere. He has since made replicas of Contact which have been implemented in galleries, Contact III made in 1977 was shown at the Blum & Poe gallery based in Los Angeles in 2016.


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