Ernesto Neto

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Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto has created many installations using textile based materials to create playground like environments for adults. His work is very sensory based, as the viewer is not only able to see the artwork, but they gain the ability to feel, smell and listen to Neto’s installations as a multi-sensory experience. The design of Neto’s installations are almost dream like, some kind of paradise dreamland where you immediately feel comfortable and your senses are challenged. The repetitive shapes immerses you in to a soft texture maze and connects the viewer in many ways to the piece. The choice of materials instantly makes the viewer feel safe and comforted, it is very open with no sort of aggression in definitive edges and bland colour. Neto’s installation connects the viewer with their ‘inner child’ and brings enjoyment and nostalgia to anyone who is able to experience it.


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