Tracey Emin “Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995”

Tracey Emin’s installation, also known as “The Tent”, displays appliquéd names of everyone she had ever slept with. Not necessarily in a sexual sense which is how it was often received at the time. Emin’s piece projects her personal life in to the public for all to see, and has not been shy with sharing the names of people from the past and present. She says;

“Some I’d had a shag with in bed or against a wall some I had just slept with, like my grandma. I used to lay in her bed and hold her hand. We used to listen to the radio together and nod off to sleep. You don’t do that with someone you don’t love and don’t care about.”

Unfortunately, the piece was ruined in a fire in 2004 and Emin has refused to remake it ever since.


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