Rob Kushner & Kim MacConnel

Kushner and MacConnel were a couple of the few male artists contributing towards the Pattern & Decoration Movement. I found their contribution interesting, from a male perspective, their thoughts and motives with P&D. In a 2006 interview with Lynn Hershman, Kushner is asked “do you think that without feminism, you never would have gotten to this point?”. In which Kushner explains how “I didn’t feel that feminism, my understanding of feminism, awoke something new, but it supported something.”

I feel that I can relate my practise strongly to Kushner’s words in his answer. I felt that he was able to explain my purpose and motive better than I could put in to words. Both Kushner and MacConnel tend to fight away from their art or practise being labelled as ‘feminist art’. Kushner really inspired me to put my purpose and support in to words, and give me an ability to explain my motive behind mediums and content in my practise.


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