Judy Chicago’s ‘Dinner Party’

Judy Chicago was a highly influential artist in the Pattern & Decoration movement. She worked in collaborations with Miriam Schapiro and many other artists and students during the time of the movement in California. Her most notable piece titled ‘Dinner Party’ celebrated forgotten female achievements throughout time, where women had made a worthwhile contribution to society. She set up a triangular shaped table of 13 place settings each side, each place with a personalised embroidered table runner, utensils, a goblet, plate and napkin. The idea of a triangular shape was to represent women and also equality and the 13 place settings each side represented the Last Supper, where 13 men were present. Each plate had a butterfly or flower-like sculpture on it, representing the vulva and female form, and the Sojourner Truth plate depicted 3 faces instead. As well as ‘The Dinner Party’ (1979) set up, Chicago also had triangular porcelain tiling on the floor covering the whole area the Dinner Party sat on. On these tiles were names of more notable women who over time had made an impact on the lives of their, and future generations.


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