Sex Slave statue outside Japanese Embassy

South Korean women who were coerced by the Japanese Army during WW2 used as sex slaves are being represented in weekly protests for over 20 years outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul. In 2011 a bronze statue of a young girl as a sex slave was placed in front of the embassy to honor the 1000th weekly protest outside the embassy, held by the survivors and their supporters. In 2015, the Japanese government have paid a South Korean trust $8.3million to support the 46 remaining sex slaves from the war.

What I find most interesting is how the protesters have embraced this statue by giving it a knitted hat and scarf during a season of harsh, cold weather. Unsure whether this has happened on purpose, or acting as part of the craftivism movement by protestors I really like the idea of the soft, comforting wool taking care of the lifeless bronze statue sitting outside the embassy. There’s something very human about handmade crafts and processes such as knitting and crochet, so for one to see it put on to a bronze sculpture communicates a lot, that someone is always looking after it and how devoted the people affected by this awful occurrence are to sticking up for their people’s rights.


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