Jenny Holzer

“I used language because I wanted to offer content to people – not necessarily art people – could understand.”

Jenny Holzer uses text as a medium in her artwork as a rhetoric method to address political issues and happenings within society. I enjoy the way Holzer shows her work, majority through light from the 90’s. A lot of signs and projections have been shown in busy cities across the world including Times Square in New York. I was originally inspired by the medium Holzer uses in her work as text has always interested me but I was never sure of how to go around it. Through more research, I also discovered Holzer’s older pieces from 1979-82.

These are lithographs, something I hadn’t heard of before discovering Holzer’s prints from early exhibitions in her career. By researching Holzer’s work I feel more confident in how I may communicate text within my artwork, most likely through print – which I have a workshop for and feel comfortable to be able to experiment with. On the contrary, I may attempt to communicate text through film with sound. In conclusion, Holzer has definitely encouraged me to open up many opportunities to use text within my work which I will definitely incorporate within my work either through print or crochet.


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