Unit 3 Artist Statement

In Unit 3 I have tried to capture the idea of authority, dehumanization and feminism. The most defining feature of a person is their face, and when authority takes control it can feel like your identity has been taken away, which I have tried to show in my work by taking away the faces of my portraits. This has been an important subject matter not only in my work but also my personal life and I wanted to reflect in my work how it feels through a visual metaphor.  The link between these three topics also shows in my sound project. My research showed Margaret Thatcher would lower the pitch of her voice when doing speeches to the public to sound more authoritive. She was the Prime Minister yet still uses tactics to make her sound deeper in pitch like a man. Equality has still not been met in society, even when it comes to something as serious as politics. In the practice of my art, I have been using restrictive processes such as painting with my left hand, painting whilst standing up with the canvas on the floor and using mod-roc on my own face, unable to move or see. I decided to use these processes so I was able to challenge myself and make art I may have never been able to beforehand.


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