Too many artists, not enough anarchists: from consumer to producer, Spectator to collaborator…

These are a few extracts from Craig’s essay which address some issues that concerns Strike.

“Perhaps it’s just because I’m also taking an anarchism module, and editing an anarchist newspaper, that I’ve been surprised that anarchism hasn’t been (explicitly) mentioned in History, Theory and Event. It seems that many of the contradictions that have been discussed could be disolved in anarchism – the ideology against ideology. Anarchism is undogmatic – indeed, it is anti-dogma – and can, therefore, be difficult to define. As a result, most text books on the subject attempt to do this through an exploration of what various anarchist thinkers have said or written about it. In the most recent issue of STRIKE! Magazine, we featured an illustrated spread extracted from an introduction to anarchism by Noam Chomsky, entitled Notes on Anarchism.”

Reading and looking at how Art has been linked in so tightly with social and political issues really felt relevant to my Unit 3 work and has inspired me to research and look in to these concerns for future artwork, but also out of interest.

In his essay, Craig addresses The Cheap Art Manifesto which was put together by the Bread ad Glove Puppet Theatre 1984. It addresses how Art is growing like a Business for Corporate advantages.

“PEOPLE have been THINKING too long that ART is a PRIVILEGE of the MUSEUMS & the RICH. ART IS NOT BUSINESS ! It does not belong to banks & fancy investors ART IS FOOD . You cant EAT it But it FEEDS you. ART has to be CHEAP & available to EVERYBODY . It needs to be EVERYWHERE because it is the INSIDE of the WORLD ART SOOTHES PAIN! Art wakes up sleepers! ART FIGHTS AGAINST WAR AND STUPIDITY! ART SINGS HALLELUJA! ART IS FOR KITCHENS! ART IS LIKE GOOD BREAD! Art is like green trees. Art is like white clouds in the sky. ART IS CHEAP! HURRAH!”

I find this highly relatable as I have had struggles to ‘afford’ Art in the past, when it shouldn’t be something I need money in the bank for! This manifesto addresses one of the massive issues close to my heart concerning the Art world. The way it is written is almost like a protest, a stand up for our right to be artists with no Corporate needs or interruptions. It really inspires me to stand up for what I am doing with my artwork and really couldn’t have me agree more.


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