Questions for PPD interview

Art Organisations: Fact-finding Questions

*What are the core purposes of the organisation? How does it function?

*What is its objective?

*How do contemporary artists benefit from being featured in Strike!? Which/what type of artists benefit?

*Who are the audiences or users of, STRIKE?! and its activities?

Are they primarily local, national or international – or all three?

Does it have an educational remit, and if so how is this organised?

*How is this organisation funded? What is its relationship to the commercial and/or the public financial sectors?

*How is the organisation staffed? From what professional, artistic, intellectual or social backgrounds do its staff members come?

*Who makes the decisions about a) creative programmes and b) management matters? How do its creative programmes and its management relate to one another?

*How does the organisation promote its activities?

*How does the organisation document its activities?

*How long has the organisation been around? How has it changed over its lifespan?

What other organisations does it resemble [or work with]?

Art Organisations: Questions of Experience and Value

*How does the Strike! present its identity and purpose to its audience? Does this match your perception of the organisation?

*What ideas and attitudes to art does this organisation reflect and/or promote? And what ideas and attitudes to art does this organisation [either implicitly or explicitly] oppose?

*Do you feel Strike! Answers a real cultural need or needs? [If yes, how well does it do this? How might it improve?]

*What is your own evaluation of the organisation? Does it succeed or fail in its own terms? Does it succeed or fail on other grounds?


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