PPD: http://strikemag.org/

For our PPD project our group decided to contact Strike! Magazine. Strike is a non-profit, anti capitalist, anarchist magazine, which deals with politics, art, subversion, philosophy, and sedition.

We believe that Strike is a unique and important organization to give more recognition to by contacting them for this project. It is a platform for upcoming and already recognized artists and writers to have their work featured with the same credit as those who are well established in the art world meaning that not only is strike a current organisation with important values and concerns about current issues but it is also is a place for up coming artists to have their work featured and gain confidence in themselves artistically while it simultaneously is becoming a recognized publication which allows for an alternate view on political and social issues away form the main stream media which is heavily edited by those associated with big business.

Strike! has gained a huge following in their almost three years of being created as they have people from all over the world buying their magazine and proving people will not stand for the capitalist world we live in where the rich get richer whilst the poor are left to starve. The editor Craig who is featured in our presentation was able to send me an essay he wrote which evolved around Strike under the question ‘Too many artists, not enough anarchists: from Spectator to collaborator, consumer to producer…’ state that ‘When he started STRIKE! he thought their primary task was to precipitate revolution; whilst that is still a function of the project, they now also see their ‘existence as resistance’’.

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