Unit 3 Self Evaluation

The Key achievements of your work on the unit:

I feel that Unit 3 has really helped me to develop my work, focusing on a subject matter which is important to me. I have been able to experiment with new materials I don’t usually use in my work, learnt how to put them to use and also make the most of tricky situations when it doesn’t go as planned. I also feel that I have achieved further development in my work by having that 2D in to 3D transition.

The most useful things that you learnt:

Learning how to use new materials has been very useful, as it’s not something I will leave and not come back to. For the rest of my art projects I now have a broader options of materials to use which can lead to bigger and better ideas. I had never made face castings before, but after a few tutorials and getting my hands on he right equipment, it was one of the most interesting practices I have tried before. It didn’t go perfect every time, which is also how I learnt to make the most of a disadvantaged situation. Some of my face casts began to crumble away and became very fragile – however I learnt to work with this and not just throw it away and start again. The broken faces began to resemble what my art meant, they added more of a visual metaphor to my work.

The issues that you found challenging and how you set about overcoming them:

Working with restrictions in my art was very challenging throughout, which is exactly what I wanted. At first it was a little hard getting used to, I would paint portraits and be constantly unhappy with how they looked because I’ve never painted with my left hand. However, this then lead my my whole idea of minimal facial features in my paintings and my sculpture. I learnt to accept that I can’t perfect the paintings as much as I wanted to and that these pieces probably wouldn’t have been created without the enforcement of restrictions. Attaching the mod-roc cast of my face on to the doll’s head was very difficult, however through trial and error I managed to get there in the end without losing patience, otherwise it could have ended up in a completely different way.

List what you now consider to be the main areas for development that you intend to focus on in the next unit:

  • Relating subject matter – found myself so much more passionate by working towards something important to me.
  • Further experiment with materials (3D in particular)
  • Rethinking ideas revolving around the restrictive processes and how this can go further. Maybe new restrictions, using other people in the process as well.

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