Muse – Psycho

Muse released a new song which felt very relevant to my work. At the beginning of the song there is an authoritive figure yelling at assumed minor.

“If you do not do what you’re told to do when you’re told to do it, you will be punished. Do you understand?
(Aye, sir)
If you leave my base without proper authorisation, I will hunt you down and throw your ass in jail. Do you understand?
(Aye, sir)
I can’t hear you!
(Aye, sir!)
Scream it!
(Aye, sir!)
Your ass belongs to me now!
(Aye, sir!)”

This script felt so relevant to my art and personal life at the exact time Muse released it. It was very powerful towards my art and really made me realise how abuse of authority is bigger than I had originally thought.


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