Margaret Thatcher

After compiling much research on Margaret Thatcher when she was in power, I discovered that when doing speeches she had a tendency to lower the pitch of her voice, make it sound deeper. I used this research for my sound project, as it fit in perfectly with my subject matter and also directed my work a bit towards feminism too – an issue important to me. Why did she feel she had to do this even though she was the Prime Minister? She was the most powerful person in Britain yet she still adjusted her voice to sound deeper and manly. Is it because people wouldn’t take her seriously back then?

This inspired me to play around and experiment with politician’s voices. I made David Cameron sound as womanly as possible to reverse the roles. Why does this stigma regarding male attitudes and authority still stick in today’s society? People have been fighting for equality for so long but it seems that nothing has changed or is progressing very slowly.


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