Unit 2 Self Evaluation

1: The Key Achievements of your work for this Unit

I feel that Unit 2 has helped me to achieve a lot in myself as an artist. By experimenting first instead of jumping immediately in to an idea gave me a greater knowledge of my theme and what I want to get across to the viewer. Experimenting led me to create restrictive paintings/drawings (whilst stood up, with my left hand, my eyes closed etc).  I really enjoy doing these but probably wouldn’t have come across doing them again if I hadn’t been experimenting. I enjoyed the digital pathway playing a smaller project in my role also, because this is usually demanding over my projects.

2: The most useful things that you have learned

Despite the digital pathway not playing a huge part in my project, I still managed to learn a few new techniques on Photoshop, which will be useful for the future. I feel that this project has helped me to distinguish my style and what it is I do in Art, what processes I use. Psychedelia has always excited me, listening to music from the 60’s and just knowing about the culture in general. Because of this project I now feel that I know much more than I ever would have regarding the theme and particularly how psychedelia applies to art and what this type of art is.

3: Some issues that you found challenging and how you dealt with them

At the beginning of the project, I found it hard to think of what to photograph with my film camera. I wanted to experiment with photography but I didn’t know how or what. So I experimented through painting, which allowed me to get a feel of how psychedelic art looks, feels and the processes behind it. Another issue would be how I present my work for the assessment. Unfortunately by the time I finished my pieces, it was too late to send them away for celluloid development as they would have arrived once the assessments are over. However this is always something that can be taken to another project.

4: The main area for development that you can take forward into your next work?

In the future I feel that my work will look more and more psychedelic as I have never studied a style of work to suit my needs and also describe my past work so accurately. I will also take inspiration from the lo fi hi fi brief by experimenting a lot more before I immediately indulge in to an idea. I have always enjoyed analogue processes so there is a high demand for that in my future projects, such as celluloid, cyanotypes and more paintings. Time management is also a big area for development, so that incidents such as being unable to use celluloid for the exhibition do not occur again.


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