Sigmar Polke at Tate Modern

The Sigmar Polke exhibition at Tate Modern really inspired me for the unit 2 project. I had never come face to face with an exhibition based solely on one artist, and loved most of the work. His style of art is exactly what I love to see and explore or figure out. A lot of pieces are very confusing or questionable but I admire his controversy. I felt that a lot of techniques used in his work are ones that I have either used before, tried to use, or really want to use at some point in the future in my own practice. One piece that really stood out to me was in the last room of the exhibition. It was a huge painting, with layers, creating illusions if you looked closely enough.

sigmar polke

The painting gave me the idea to experiment with pieces that I would be able to layer and create a similar effect to Polke’s piece, but perhaps not quite as detailed. I liked the idea of illusions because it linked nicely with my theme – psychedelia. I also liked how I was able to experiment with the idea of layering, using Photoshop, double exposures and scanners. There was so much to play around with and try out. This exhibition was greatly influential on my project work for this unit and allowed me to learn and apply to my own work.


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