Lizzie Fitch / Ryan Trecartin at the Zabludowicz Collection

The combined work of Fitch & Trecartin exhibited sculptural installations screening films. I enjoyed how interactive this exhibition was and how it was so easy to understand, in a sense – the films were of a very flamboyant group of friends getting f*cked up on everything and anything. Not saying my friends are like that, but watching those films really remind me of what you remember after a heavy night. The effects and distortion at times, were very relatable to visions you see and things happening when you’re in a state. The films kept me on edge and I was always keen to know what’s going to happen next, like a story. On occasion, the films got so weird you were almost scared for them as if this was they’re everyday life, this is how their friends in the film actually live because it was so serious and open to this is what life is like. The effects of the film really inspired me, the sounds was eery and made you feel funny, the visionary effects kept your eyes glued to the screen so much you felt you were witnessing the situation in first hand.



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